Retailers regularly ask me if they need additional or ongoing Search Engine Optimization for their websites. I always answer this question with a question of my own: Are you happy with the amount and type of customers your website brings to your store?

If the answer is YES, then you do not need immediate additional SEO. However, a website that does not add any SEO is likely to sink in Google search rankings over time and lose its Page Rank authority.

If the answer is NO, then you need additional SEO for your website. A website with enhanced SEO has been shown to increase quality web traffic by up to 75%.

6 Important Facts You Should Know About SEO:

  1. Google rewards websites that frequently add quality, thematic content.
  2. With quality SEO, you improve website authority via Page Rank.
  3. Google frequently changes their algorithms to keep website owners on their toes, providing newer updated results each time a user searches. (Ex: Google recently raised the importance of overall online brand building, (Penguin 2.0 update, 2013) via local directories & Social Networks to be a major factor in your Google rankings.)
  4. The SEO that is done directly on your website (Onsite Optimization) contributes to approximately 40% of how Google will rank your site today. Offsite SEO such as directory listings, thematic back links, Social Media Sharing, and Social Book Marking can now attribute up to 60% of your Google ranking.
  5. Spending time and money to add SEO to a poorly structured website is not likely to produce better results even if it brings more traffic.
  6. Ongoing SEO, when done correctly and in accordance to the latest search engine updates, will drive more high quality customers to your website.
The bottom line is that 90% of retail sales are being generated by consumers searching online for a product or service. The box stores and mega retailers have been spending millions every month to keep their websites updated and on top of Google's search results.

If you plan on competing and growing your retail business today, you must commit to learning about and investing in SEO and Internet Marketing.