Broadlume, parent company of FloorForce, Creating Your Space,, Retail Lead Management (RLM), and RollMaster, is proud to announce the acquisition of the flooring software company Banaboom

Banaboom is a cloud-based ERP software for flooring stores, developed by former flooring dealer Josh Pendergrass. As part of this acquisition, Josh will be joining Broadlume as a key part of the engineering team. 

This acquisition comes on the heels of Broadlume’s acquisition of RollMaster. You might be asking: why is Broadlume acquiring another ERP software company? The answer is simple: to continue developing the industry’s best software for flooring dealers.

Banaboom’s technology will be integrated into the RollMaster platform to build a true industry-leading ERP software. The best parts of RollMaster will be combined with the best parts of Banaboom to create a simpler platform that has a better interface and easy-to-use tools. 

Broadlume was interested in Banaboom’s technology for a number of reasons. First, it bolsters Broadlume’s cloud capabilities. With the cloud, flooring dealers are able to access every feature of their flooring software from anywhere and on any device. The cloud gives you the freedom you deserve, and Broadlume is committed to continuing as the industry leader in cloud technology.

Second, with Banaboom Broadlume is doubling down on your store’s security to make sure that all of your private information is protected. And lastly, Banaboom’s technology will accelerate Broadlume’s timeline for the best all-in-one platform. Broadlume has allocated $22 million to bring in the best engineers, the best data scientists, and the best security experts to bring you a fully-integrated flooring software, CRM, and website platform. 

If you have more questions about Broadlume’s acquisition of Banaboom, please contact your FloorForce or Creating Your Space Account Manager. 

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