With all the turbulence of these past few weeks, we’ve been hearing a lot of questions from our FloorForce partners—everything from “should I increase or decrease ad spend?” to “are people even searching for flooring anymore?”

We get it. We’re in uncharted territory, and this pandemic has been hitting our industry hard. Times are really tough, and it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But we want you to know that FloorForce is with you every step of the way

With that in mind, we’ve been working overtime with our Data Analytics team to answer all of your most pressing questions about the status of your paid ads and digital presence.

And believe it or not, the numbers have shown that it’s almost all good news. In fact, the numbers are so good, we believe that for flooring dealers, the best is yet to come. Here’s why.

We’re not kidding. In the past two weeks, ad campaigns for flooring dealers have been more effective than ever. Here are the specifics:

Click-Through Rates (CTRs) have remained steady

There has been absolutely zero change in Click-Through Rates when we compare the past two weeks (March 2–13) to the previous two weeks (February 17–28). The exact same number of people are clicking on your ads.

Translation: interest in your ads the same as it was before. 

Conversion Rates have increased a quarter percent 

Even though the same number of people are clicking on your ads, the rate at which people are converting—calling flooring stores and filling out contact forms—has actually increased by a quarter percent.

We know this probably isn’t leading to sales right at this minute. After all, people can’t leave their houses and businesses are limited. However: this is leading to massive pent-up demand. And once things return to normal, that pent-up demand is going to translate into instant sales.

Average Cost Per Conversion has decreased almost a full $1

The amount of money you (the dealer) are paying per conversion has gone down by almost a full dollar over the past two weeks. 

Translation: you’re not just getting more conversions—you’re getting cheaper conversions too.

Organic searches for flooring have had their 2nd best month…ever 

In the past month, Google has seen the second-highest number of searches containing the world “flooring” since it started keeping records back in 2004. 

And we’ve seen the same number of searches for “flooring near me” as we saw in January. That’s more searches than we saw in December. Or November. Or… well, it’s been a while since we saw that many searches for “flooring near me”.

Obviously, this isn’t resulting in immediate sales—but it shows that people are more active than ever and that pent-up demand is huge

Conclusion: massive pent-up demand means the best is yet to come

To recap: in the past two weeks, flooring dealers are averaging cheaper ad conversions at a higher rate with the same CTR

And on the organic side, flooring-related terms are receiving some of the most searches of all time

People all over the nation are stuck inside staring at their floors all day. Numbers don’t lie, and right now they’re showing a massive pent-up demand for flooring. The minute businesses are back in action, we’re going to see that pent-up demand explode into purchases.

We hope you and your loved ones are remaining safe and healthy during this difficult time, and if there’s anything we at FloorForce can do to make things easier, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

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