Dear Customers, Partners, and Friends,

I wanted to take a moment to personally reach out to you during these uncertain times on behalf of the entire FloorForce team.

When you decided to partner with us, you joined our family, and during uncertain times, families come together.

Our singular goal is to ensure our family is safe, prepared, and successful in the ever-changing consumer landscape and challenging times ahead.

Over the last 9+ years, FloorForce built digital solutions designed to help our partners thrive in a digital world. A world where consumers aren’t always walking past your store, but instead, engaging with you online. We know that now, more than ever, your online presence is critically important and we’ve never been more prepared to support you and your business.

We know there will be some challenges in the weeks ahead, but we want to provide you the confidence and peace of mind that our doors and phones will remain open, ready to help you navigate what to do next. We are extremely proud of our 150+ team and they are ready to work even harder for you.

My goal in writing this to you is simple:

Your family is our family.
Our team is your team.
We are here for you.

Please reach out if you need anything – write to me @ ( or call/text me (908-246-7574).

With ♥,

Todd Saunders